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Bob Parker as Christchurch Mayor

( Progress results for the 2010 election show Mayor Bob Parker has been re-elected as Mayor of Christchurch.

Voting in the 2010 election closed at 12 noon today (Saturday 9 October). This result is based upon 98% of returned voting papers. The progress result does not include some special votes and voting papers returned today before voting closed.

According to the progress result, 68, 245 votes were received for Bob Parker. His closest rival, Jim Anderton, received 51, 566 votes, a difference of 16, 679.

Two of the wards – Riccarton-Wigram and Burwood-Pegasus- have close results.

In the Riccarton-Wigram ward, Jimmy Chen is the highest polling candidate with 8,604 votes. Helen Broughton is the next highest polling candidate with 7,203 votes but Bob Shearing received 7,193 votes (a difference of 10 votes). In Burwood-Pegasus, Chrissie Williams is the highest polling candidate with 9,459 votes. Glenn Livingstone is the next highest polling candidate with 4,697 votes but David East has 4,668 votes (a difference of 29 votes).

According to the progress result, at this stage the Council would include:

* Aaron Keown
* Ngaire Button
* Jamie Gough
* Sally Buck
* Chrissie Williams
* Glenn Livingstone
* Jimmy Chen
* Helen Broughton
* Yani Johanson
* Tim Carter
* Sue Wells
* Barry Corbett
* Claudia Reid

For community board and more detailed results, visit

Media Release 9 October 2010 from Christchurch City Council.



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