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Tailor Skin Launches The Tailor Fund

( The innovative mind behind Wellington’s Tailor Skincare, Sara Quilter, has announced the launch of their newest initiative, The Tailor Fund. This charitable fund has been established to support sustainable community projects and individuals who continually work to instill self confidence and leadership tools while creating a brighter future for the less fortunate.

“Recently, I went on a solo journey through India for my 30th birthday and came home questioning what I was working so hard for,” Sara said. “I love Tailor Skincare but I want to do something more, beginning with Wellington. This is why I’m launching the Tailor Fund: As way to give back to those people and the projects who need it in my community.”

In a further effort to share their message of self-love, health and wellness, the team from Tailor is simultaneously releasing their newest campaign to complement The Tailor Fund called “What is Beauty.” This video was shot from Sara’s desire to challenge the norm of the beauty industry, that it’s all based on cosmetic appearance, and look at the true ideals of self love, acceptance and confidence as the definition of beauty.

“I’ve had people ask me how I see beauty, what I think it is. This is why I wanted to create the video, to show how we should look at beauty. For me beauty, is about health and self confidence. When a customer emails saying Tailor products have boosted their self confidence because their skin is looking super fine, this to me is winning,” smiled Sara. “What is beauty? Beauty is being a part of the community, helping it to strive. Beauty is lifting one another up and bringing out the best in your sisters and brothers around you. Beauty is self-confidence, it’s self-acceptance and it’s appreciating all that surrounds us. I don’t want to just stop at providing beautiful skincare products, I want to use this business as a vehicle for good in the community, to help build up self confidence in other ways.”

The Tailor Fund will provide support for projects that share the businesses three founding principles: Natural, cruelty free and eco-consciousness.

Beginning October 24th, $1 of any full-sized product purchased on the Tailor Skincare website will feed The Tailor Fund and in February 2018 the Tailor Fund Trustees will decide which community project to support.

Media Release 25 October 2017.


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