Akimbo’s groundbreaking app helps you develop a healthier mindset

Today, Christchurch based technology startup Akimbo is announcing the release of its mental fitness app aimed at young adults.

Akimbo is the brainchild of Alan Cox who himself has struggled with his mental wellbeing for many years and was regularly let down by the system. According to Cox, New Zealand’s current approach to mental health is not geared towards prevention or early intervention. The current ‘top of the cliff’ system is contributing to intergenerational disadvantage and poor outcomes for many.

Cox believes a new approach is needed whereby our young people are given the tools to take ownership of their mental wellbeing. “We know that eating nutritious food and exercising are things we should do for our physical health,” says Cox, “but few of us think the same way about our mental health. The norm is a gradual decline in our mental wellbeing, and we need to reverse that trend.”

Two years in development, Akimbo is an entirely new category of app that provides personalised fitness training for the mind. Akimbo is based on the principles of positive psychology and neuroscience and delivers a stream of personalised coaching messages against a backdrop of emotive music and sounds.

By using Akimbo regularly, you condition your brain to have a healthier mindset that influences decisions, judgments, feelings, and behaviours. The outcomes of these changes are plentiful and include; better mood, a stronger sense of purpose, healthier relationships, better general health, increased creativity and competence.

“It was imperative that Akimbo was based on solid science but highly accessible to young adults,” says Cox. “To help as many people as possible, we had to make Akimbo easy to use in everyday situations.”

Unlike other wellbeing apps that require effort and to take time out of your day, you can use Akimbo anytime and anywhere. “You can use Akimbo while you’re resting, while you’re walking, even while you’re working,” says Cox. “Simply by adjusting the voice control, you can listen to the music while the words work at a subliminal level”.

Anyone can access Akimbo right now for free at both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Alan is overwhelmed by the response Akimbo has got so far. “I think Akimbo really stands out in a space that’s crowded with me-too wellbeing apps. People who experience Akimbo love the personalised experience and how they can use it in a way that suits them.”

Akimbo are now raising further funding through popular crowdfunding platform Givealittle. Akimbo is a social benefit enterprise which means their focus is on creating social impact, not profit. “Since profit is not central to our mission, it is difficult for organisations like ours to get investment, especially at an early stage as we are.” Funding from Givealittle will help Akimbo get to the next stage so that it can provide the best outcomes for New Zealanders. This includes creating ethnically diverse content to represent the NZ population better.

The Givealittle campaign is running now and is located on the web at: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/improve-the-mental-wellbeing-of-young-kiwis.

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Media Release on 3 November 2020

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