Phil Sprey – Candidate for City-wide Councillor in 2019 wants the redevelopment of the currently closed Naenae Pools to be a priority for the incoming council but not with the existing alternatives being offered.

Over the last few weeks and days he has deliberately read through a mountain of paperwork, talked to many old and new friends in Naenae and across Hutt City, talked to sitting Councillors and the Mayor and listened carefully to what everyone has said.

The concerns are not all the same and neither are the aspirations, but some stuck out above the others:

* We must have full city-wide consultation.
* We must re-look at the overall size, scale and content of any new pool development (patching the existing pool is a no, no and would be a cost disaster if another quake event occurred)
* Speed in getting the design completed, approved (all the legal stuff), tendered properly and then built.
* ‘Will It Make My Rates Jump!”

Phil Sprey’s Thoughts!
“Part of my overall platform is to identify unique opportunities in every suburban heart.”

The Swimming Pool Complex, other core amenities and the commercial/retail Hub in Naenae are a no-brainer… they need to be designed, built and opened!

“I see an Olympic sized swimming and diving pool with smaller kids and exercise pools, an aqua park with wave pools and other new tech toys and innovations. Plenty of multi-purpose open space/adaptable public and private areas for health and fitness events and activities. A commercial Gym and Fitness Centre, Health Spa, Sports Clothing and Equipment Store, Cafes and related outlets, Conference meeting rooms, A Civil Defence Hub. and there is more”. 

Is this possibility affordable? Not under the current financial plan that has been publicized. But my objective is to look at public/private relationships, commercial leases and income generating from the activities added to the core services. Those areas beyond what is now either free or low cost.

Bigger participation in capital injection from Central Government, Regional Authorities, NZ sports organisations, sponsors, community funding organisations and new event admissions sales.

An alternative funding model and design must be explored.

The VOTE SPREY is the Let’s Get Started Call.


Media Release on 3 September 2019

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Phil Sprey
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