Managing Construction Projects in Covid Virus Level Three

Kore Projects announces a new Covid-19 product.

Now Covid protocols and managerial control of Covid requirements can be easily managed on construction sites using Kore Projects new AP.

As construction companies gear up in Level 3, they need all the help they can get in keeping Staff and others safe, and in complying with Govt directions.

Kore Projects today releases details of how their already successful on line and onsite APs now includes Covid protocols and reporting regimes.

Users will have immediate access on site to NEW ZEALAND COVID 19 V&H CONSTRUCTION PROTOCOLS V2. And users can report back to the office for any issues and questions.

Kore Projects had already developed specialized remote computer APs as a response to the enormous demands of the post-earthquake Christchurch building redevelopment. “It was both necessary and obvious that we could and should add Covid 19 provisions to our package” said Stan Lieder, CEO

Kore Projects’ systems allow Staff to work on site and electronically to:

1. Receive reports and instructions from Head Office
2. Send reports to Head Office – including photos

The Staff can be in the same town as Head Office or they could be a long way out into the provinces.

Kore Projects lead the world in this new Covid 19 information and reporting service.

Stan Lieder, CEO of Kore projects, says ‘We are pleased to be using our experience and expertise so NZ can get back to work safely”


Media Release on 4 May 2020

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