New Children's Book Series Inspires Personal Development and Mindset for Young Readers

Mental Skills NZ, a coaching organization specializing in mental performance, is excited to announce the release of an immersive children’s book series focused on personal development. Co-authored by mental performance coach Wilton Atkins and his wife, pediatric occupational therapist Merryn Atkins, the series aims to empower children aged 3 to 9 with positive mindsets and instill strong principles for flexible and empowered thinking.

Recognizing the lack of personal growth resources tailored specifically for children, Wilton and Merryn decided to take action when they became parents. They noticed that many children’s books employed language and messages that were unhelpful and disempowering. Motivated to make a difference, they created a series of books that would provide uplifting and empowering narratives for young readers.

The series consists of four books, each featuring a key principle woven into a delightful and rhyming narrative, ensuring an engaging and age-appropriate reading experience. These principles are specifically designed to complement and enhance the previous books, nurturing the growth of well-rounded individuals.

Book 1, “Ted & Tilly learn an ancient power,” guides children to understand the significance of personal responsibility for their actions and encourages them to take pride in their efforts rather than solely focusing on outcomes to promote intrinsic motivation.

In book 2, “Ted & Tilly and the great discovery,” children are introduced to the concept of understanding that different people have diverse perspectives or mental maps, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence.

Book 3, “Ted & Tilly face a storm,” encourages children to develop self-awareness, resilience, and determination in the face of challenges, teaching them that they have the power to influence their emotions and bounce back.

Finally, in Book 4, “Ted & Tilly and the strange behaviors,” children learn about emotional intelligence by recognizing and understanding the positive intentions behind others’ actions, even if it’s not always obvious.

“We firmly believe that children can grasp these concepts at a young age, and, in my opinion, these four concepts are vital and often lacking in adults,” shared Wilton Atkins, author and owner of Mental Skills NZ. “Through our book series, our aim is to empower children with essential beliefs that will enable them to navigate challenges, build resilience, develop empathy, and cultivate emotional intelligence.”

The children’s book series has gained popularity among teachers and parents. The books serve as valuable resources for creating lesson plans or sparking meaningful conversations centered around each theme. Wilton says “most schools are already doing great work around promoting healthy mindsets, for example our son’s current school has a core disposition called ‘self management’ and our book series complement and enhance these types of messages”.

The “Mental Skills NZ Children’s Book Series” is available at select retailers and can also be purchased online at These books offer an excellent opportunity for parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage children in discussions about personal development and support their overall growth.

Media Release on 19 June 2023

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