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Complaintline Website for Consumers

( Minister of Consumer Affairs Heather Roy was today pleased to launch Complaintline – a new gateway website for disputes resolution and investigation agencies that provide the New Zealand public with information about complaint resolution processes.

“Complaints are an essential part of ensuring that our markets and laws are effective, and complaint processes to lift the quality of service delivery. If complaints are not aired and resolved, then poor practices will continue to occur and businesses won’t be challenged to ‘get it right’,” Mrs Roy said.

“Despite the many of agencies that deal with specific types of complaints, it can be difficult for consumers to find the right one to help with their particular issue. The need for consumers to be able to access the most appropriate agency to help address their problem was identified by the public/private sector Disputes Investigation Group (DIG). Complaintline is the Group’s response to that need.

“Complaintline is promoted on all DIG members’ websites and is easy to use: consumers are able to search either by organisation or by category of complaint. They are then directed to the most appropriate service to assist with their issue, which they can then contact via phone or email.

“Simplicity is the key to effective market activity, and the Complaint service is a welcome addition to the range of resources available for consumers needing to access advice. It also sits well alongside my plans for ‘One Door’, which will serve as a single portal for consumers to find out ‘where to from here’ when they have a complaint or dispute,” Mrs Roy said.

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Media Release 17 March 2010 from Hon Heather Roy, Minister of Consumer Affairs.
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