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Fressure Foods – All Kiwi, All Natural, All Avocado!

( Forget all the additives and artificial ingredients, Fressure Foods products are New Zealand made and each 200g pack contains the goodness of at least two whole avocados!

Fressure Foods All Natural Guacamoles contain no additives or preservatives, are cholesterol free and come in two super-convenient 100g easy peel trays – one now, one for later. Just keep Fressure Foods All Natural Mild Guacamole and All Natural Spicy Guacamole fresh in the fridge so they are ready to serve for any snack or meal occasion!

Made with fresh avocado (95%), fresh coriander, fresh onion and spices, Fressure Foods All Natural Mild Guacamole really does go with just about anything!

And spice up a dreary day with Fressure Foods All Natural Spicy Guacamole. Made with two fresh avocados (94%), fresh coriander, fresh onion, herbs and spices and the all-important Jalapeno Pepper, this is guacamole with a delicious kick.

So how do these all natural products stay so fresh? Fressure Foods CEO, Vern Dark, says the company uses Ultra High Pressure (UHP) processing technology. This, he says, is a ‘clean on the environment’ process using nothing more than pure water, yet it’s one of the safest food safety processes in the world today.

“This technology significantly extends the shelf life of the avocado while retaining all its goodness, vitamins and nutrients. Absolutely no chemicals or preservatives are added, so it’s still a super-fresh tasting product,” he says.

Fressure Foods uses only New Zealand avocados and does not use chemicals, preservatives or any other artificial additive in its process.

“Our all natural products stay fresher for longer and taste delicious – and what better way to enjoy avocado than with a tasty guacamole!” Vern says.

Fressure Foods All Natural Mild Guacamole and All Natural Spicy Guacamole (RRP $3.99 – $4.49) are available from all major supermarkets nationwide.



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