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Christchurch Historic Bed and Breakfast Withstands the Test of Time

( In a period where the stories surrounding have focussed on damaged historic buildings and lack of accommodation, rising from the rubbles is a fine example of Victorian charm and elegance that is Holly Manor Bed and Breakfast.

Being the subject of noticeable damage as a result of the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquake has not halted the development and final opening of Christchurch’s newest luxury bed and breakfast establishment, Holly Manor. Multiple setbacks, as a result of the devastating seismic activity that has rocked Christchurch has forced the owners to delay the opening of this majestic Victorian property, which has been fastidiously restored to reflect the charm of yesteryear.

Purchased in September of 2010, the property located at 27 Holly Manor Road underwent a major transformation. Built in 1901 from native New Zealand Kauri, the house has been used in commercial operations for much of its history, previously being operated as a Children’s Home and as a commercial accommodation operation. The historic building was named after the holly hedges that were planted around the property of George Gordon (1823-1875), who was the first town clerk of Christchurch.

Holly Manor was purchased by current owners Kelly and Nigel Greenwood on the 3rd of September 2010 and unfortunately on the 4th September 2010, suffered some initial damage as a result of the 7.1 earthquake which struck Christchurch at 4.35am. Considering the magnitude of the earthquake Holly Manor stood up reasonably well, with the only real damage being the loss of her two Victorian Chimneys and damage to the roof. As the chimneys came down they fell between the scaffolding and the house, shearing off weatherboards, fascia, guttering and window sills. The old lathe and plaster ceilings and walls suffered with cracks appearing in each room of the house. Holly Manor was off to a shaky start. Greenwood stated that “considering the damage to many historic homes and bed and breakfasts in Christchurch, we consider ourselves very lucky. Our hearts go out to those affected”.

Renovations continued into the New Year and with an opening date in sight, the second earthquake resulted in considerable damage to the interior of the property. However, the old lady still stood strong. Being determined to realise their life-long dream of owning and operating a boutique bed and breakfast in Christchurch, they completed the additional building and cosmetic work to “bring the old girl back to life”.

With the formal opening set for the 29th of April, the business is off to somewhat of a shaky start. However, owner Kelly Greenwood stated that “we have put our heart and soul into this business and we will not let go. We have opened not under the best situation, but believe we have created a luxury boutique bed and breakfast, which has been fastidiously restored to its former glory with an added contemporary feel to bring all the facilities expected of a five star accommodation”.

Holly Manor is hoping to attract tourists still visiting the Canterbury region, as well as attract long term tenants from those who have been left without a home and those businesses who require accommodation for the large influx of workers into Christchurch to complete the rebuild of the city.

Media Release 11 April 2011 from Holly Manor.



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