Agilis GM on New Zealand’s Animal Health Market

Experienced Technical Veterinarian Ann Wilkinson, steps into the role of GM at Agilis, a key player in New Zealand’s animal health sector. A pivotal move for this innovative company, the new role builds on the strengths of the team and focuses on the delivery of product solutions for vets, clients, and the animals under their care.

Wilkinson, who joined the company last year as Technical Veterinarian, is excited by the tremendous opportunity it presents, “The timing is right. The level of investment in R&D in the animal health sector in New Zealand has been declining while the needs continue to grow. Producing safe and quality food requires attention to detail and a focus on prevention and wellbeing, while simultaneously reducing the usage of antibiotics and controlling the emergence of parasiticide resistance.”

“Agilis is well positioned to identify the unique challenges associated with New Zealand’s pastural -based animal agricultural systems, and it has a strong network of partners to research and develop solutions. Our small scale and narrow focus on local issues means we can act decisively and responsively – with agility – to bring solutions to market quickly, while not compromising on quality.”

A Massey Vet graduate, Wilkinson returned to New Zealand in 2016 after 18 years in the United States and five years in Australia, including two years teaching ambulatory medicine at Cornell and 18 years at Pfizer/Zoetis. With an extensive background encompassing strategic account management, identifying new technologies and partnership development, she is well placed to develop Agilis’ growing presence in New Zealand’s animal health sector.

“It’s a really good chance to leverage my full range of skills and experience. I’m looking forward to doing a little bit of everything. It’s really exciting and I’m confident we can make a real difference to the New Zealand animal health sector.”

Media Release 6 April 2022.