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School Children’s Earthquake Stories

( Canterbury school children have been given the chance to tell their own personal story of the recent Christchurch earthquake with the creation of a dedicated website

Over 50 children have submitted their personal account so far about how they experienced and coped with the recent earthquake.

The website aims to get primary and intermediate school children talking about the earthquake and understanding how it affected other children in the area.

Website organiser, Adam Hutchinson, says “often the best way to move on after a major incident such as this is to talk and share a personal story”.

The website aims to provide a resource for future reference on how school children experienced the earthquake.

“Without a dedicated resource, the stories of school children might not be heard, this website provides a unique perspective on the earthquake and also allows an outlet for the children” Hutchinson says.

Submission of stories can be made by emailing with their story and stating the first name of the child, age and school.

Story details:

• How they overcame hardship and personally coped with the disaster
• How they supported one another
• How there community came together

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