Chinese Hypnotist Performing to New Zealand Audiences

Today marks the beginning of a new Chinese hypnosis service in New Zealand.

Haiming Jing, a former IT engineer began studying hypnosis while working in his IT marketing role in 2012. In 2015, he began the first Chinese hypnotist in New Zealand, offering hypnosis coaching and hypnotherapy to the Auckland Chinese community.

Since 2015, Haiming has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and worked in primary schools, community organisations and universities around New Zealand.

2020 marks the beginning of Haiming’s local English-language service, offering consultations targeted towards business-people.

“Personality is a combination of your thinking, behaviour and emotions. Changing your mind, behaviour, and emotions can change your personality. The key to changing your character is to change your mindset. My hypnosis service is one of the best possible ways to achieve that” says founder Haiming Jing.

“If you have anxiety, feelings of fear, lack of motivation, anger, self-blame or low self-esteem, then hypnotherapy could be what’s needed for you”.

Haiming is both a professional hypnotherapist, but also a comedy hypnotist, performing to audiences around New Zealand.

A free no obligation 30-minute consultation is offered to anyone who contacts Haiming.

Media Release on 16 July 2020

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