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Check For Earthquake Drain Damage

( Council waste water staff are urging Christchurch householders to check their properties for possible storm water and waste water pipe damage that may have been caused by the earthquake.

“If anyone has a concern that there may be pipe damage on their property, then they need to do something about it,” says Mark Christison, City Water and Waste Manager.

Indicators of stormwater or wastewater damage include:

* Slow flushing toilets
* Slow draining baths, showers and kitchen sinks
* Earth movement or cracks around wastewater drains
* Overflowing gully traps (the open space that collects undesirable liquids) or unpleasant smells.

Any of these could be a sign of damage and should be followed by a call to a registered drainlayer or certified competent wastewater service provider for advice.

If people think they have drain damage, then they should also lodge a claim with EQC by the cut-off date of 4 December 2010. If you have already made a claim, then any drainage issues can be added – even if they were not specified in the original claim.

“The cost of a CCTV inspection of drains will only be covered by EQC if damage is found. If no damage is found then the investigation cost remains the responsibility of the householder,” says Mr Christison.

Media Release 30 November 2010 from Christchurch City Council.



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