Go Anywhere Emergency Alarm

(PR.co.nz) Smart Caller ‘Safe-Life Pendant’ is a next generation ‘Go Anywhere’ personal emergency alarm that helps provide, safety, independence and security. Working off the 3G Cellular network, it works in the home, a business, at the shopping mall, in a field or even a forest.

Where ever there is 3G coverage, the Safe Life Pendant can put you in contact with someone to help you, or locate you in an emergency.

Ideal for anyone at risk of falls or having medical issues, working alone, high risk work, duress situations, working with machinery, having limited physical movement, spending any time at home alone or just wanting to know that help can be reached when you need it most.

The Safe-Life Pendant’ is a waterproof ‘go anywhere’ pendant that is always with you . Worn with a lanyard, just like a necklace, at any time help is needed, just push the button on the pendant once and Safe-Life Pendant’ goes to work putting you in contact with someone that can assist you.

Media Release 21 June 2016.