EROAD helps Williams & Wilshier claim their biggest off-road RUC rebate to date

Williams & Wilshier’s fleet of 60 trucks and 25 light vehicles has had EROAD telematics installed for nine years, primarily for the benefits of Roader User Charges (RUC) administration, given the substantial off-road mileage that their drivers accumulate. As they’ve continued to grow, these savings have multiplied, both in terms of money back and time and money saved by processing claims automatically online.

“Before we had EROAD, one of our three office admins would manually process our RUC off-road claims,” says Jason Williams, general manager. “It took her seven to eight working days every month.”

Office staff had to manually check off-road lead distances against forest-map entry and exit points to calculate the number of off-road Ks a truck had done on each trip. This had to be done for every vehicle in the fleet, including light vehicles that use diesel.

On 1 July 2020, road user charges for light vehicles increased from $72 per 1000km to $76, the third such increase in the last three years, with past rises in September 2018 and July 2019. Being able to reliably and automatically tally off-road “micro distances,” such as around ports and logging sites, has enabled Williams & Wilshier to claim significantly higher refunds to offset these increases.

“In July 2020, we did 105,000Ks off-road and the rebate was $60,700” reports Williams. And that’s just one of many months where Williams and Wilshier’s rebates were in the vicinity of $50K.

To learn more about EROAD’s faster paperless eRUC refunds, visit EROAD.

Courtney Ayre
Marketing Director, Australia and New Zealand

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Media Release on 7 May 2021

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