Form n Go for Mobile

( Secured Signing, the prominent provider of user-based PKI Digital Signatures Cloud Service, today announced the release of its new product Form n’Go. This state-of-the-art product presents an unprecedented solution that enables users to invite signatories to fill in any type of form and sign online from their mobile devices. Its advanced locator functionality identifies precise location of signatories and adds an extra layer of security and assurance.

The simple application of Form n’Go authorises Secured Signing customers to promptly complete any document signing process whether they are at work, home, or on-the-go. The user-based PKI digital signature technology seals the document immediately after invitees securely eSign with their handwritten signature, and automatically e-mail it in a PDF format to all parties involved.

Mike Eyal, Managing Director at Secured Signing says, “While excelling with world class service and solutions, the Secured Signing team continues to develop valuable technological new features that meet our customers’ specific needs. This user focus approach has led us to select for Form n’Go the HTML5 method that eliminates the need to download or install APPS, and enhances the easy process for one-off signing events. The exciting and successful execution and implementation of Form n’Go is another testimony to Secured Signing’s market innovation leadership and service qualities.”

In today’s dynamic and competitive online business environment, organisations are looking for proven, secure, and compliant solutions that introduce compelling business benefits. Secured Signing’s Form n’Go incorporates the latter with operational flexibility that allows sales organisations, Government agencies, insurance companies, financial services, and many others to conduct a punctual, seamless, and rapid business process that reduces costs, increases productivity, improves efficiency, promotes a green paperless environment, and results in satisfied customers.

To learn more about Form n’Go, view the Form n’Go Demo from your mobile device or HTML5 Browser.

Media Release 15 December 2011.