Give Way Rules to Change in 2012

( The Government has confirmed plans to change the give ways rules at intersections in New Zealand.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says changing the give way rules for turning vehicles is part of the Government’s 10-year Safer Journeys road safety strategy.

“Our current give way rules for turning vehicles are confusing and out of step with the rest of the world,” says Mr Joyce.

“Research shows changing the rules could reduce relevant intersection crashes by seven per cent.”

Currently if you are turning left you have to give way to right turning traffic coming towards you. This change would reverse this so the left turning vehicle would have right of way in this situation.

Changes are also planned to the rule for T-intersections. This rule applies when there are conflicting right-turns at a T-intersection. Currently, the right-turning vehicle on the terminating road (the base of the ‘T’) has priority over the right-turning vehicle on the through road (the top of the ‘T’). The change will require traffic from an uncontrolled terminating road to give way to traffic on a through road.

An extensive education campaign would be carried out to ensure drivers are aware of the new rules before any changes come into force.

The proposal to change the give way rules will be included in a draft Road User Amendment Rule and is planned to come into force in early 2012.

More information on these actions and on Safer Journeys: New Zealand’s Road Safety Strategy 2010-2020 is available at:

Media Release 29 September 2010 from Steven Joyce, Minister of Transport.