Kiwi company Spire NZ takes on the hotel industry’s challenge to reduce plastic waste

Eco-friendly hotel supplier, Spire NZ, is excited to launch their plastic-free hotel amenities in New Zealand. The new range, available from October, will help more hoteliers and guest accommodation providers tackle the plastic waste problem.

Room for change
Hotel toiletries have become a ubiquitous part of the guest experience, but this cheap thrill comes at a massive price to the environment. Even though many of these bottles are recyclable, millions of them end up in the bin every year. Plastic pollution is a growing concern for travellers and the hotel industry, yet few options are available to eliminate plastic.

A plastic-free solution
Spire NZ make ‘naked’ eco-friendly hotel guest soaps and solid All in ONE shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars that are 100% plastic-free. Each All in ONE bar replaces the need for three separate hotel toiletry minis, saving unnecessary plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

Eco-good in more ways than one
Spire NZs biodegradable, plant-based formula is free from sulphates, parabens and preservatives, which saves unnecessary chemicals going down the drain and into our waterways. Plus, less water is used in the production than liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Spire NZ make the bars locally in NZ to reduce the company’s carbon footprint too.

Eco-luxe, something a bit special
To ensure guests feel pampered, the guest size All in ONE shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars are made with salon quality ingredients, to gently wash and hydrate hair and skin without stripping natural oils.

The artisan hand soaps are hand crafted for a more luxurious feel. Spire NZ’s hand soaps are made using skin loving oils such as olive oil and shea butter which moisturize skin while gently cleansing it.

About Spire NZ
Spire NZ started in the kitchen of keen traveller Melissa Parker Bentley when she saw the need to find a solution for more environmentally friendly hotel toiletries. The company has stepped up its production capabilities and is ready to hit the ground running. Melissa is on a mission to help hoteliers offer guests plastic-free hotel amenities that look, feel and smell lovely to enhance the guest experience.

Going Global
To have the greatest impact on reducing plastic waste in the world, Spire NZ is going global.
Spire NZ is working with a manufacturer in the Netherlands and will be launching a European version of its All in ONE bar within the next few months.

With the single-use plastic ban in hotels coming into California and a number of other US states in 2023, Spire NZ is working towards offering a US made All in ONE bar in 2022.

Media Release on 15 October 2021

Media Contact
Melissa Parker Bentley, Spire NZ Limited