Plastic valves in coffee bags successfully removed

New at Halo this week is a single origin, special aged Nepalese Everest Vintage 2018. These coffee beans are an incredibly rare and complex coffee from the single most northerly coffee plantation on the globe.

Top graded USDA organic certified beans are carefully aged in special storage conditions for 3 years before being uniquely crafted by our roasters to bring you a deep, full bodied coffee with rich spice undertones. Think about aging a red wine, the acidity lowers, and the flavours mature.

Aside from its pedigree as a Speciality Grade coffee, the Nepalese Everest Vintage 2018 is farmed on a USDA organic plot, managed ethically by one family and their team, and packaged in our pioneering fully home compostable boxed packaging.

The beans are packaged in a box made using recycled card, then wrapped in our special home compostable layer. We did away with the plastic valves too!

All coffee bags, even biodegradable ones, have a plastic valve in so customers can smell the coffee and any excess co2 can be released. We got rid of the valve and worked instead on packing our coffee at the right time so that any co2 from the roasting process is already released.

Amanda Jackson, owner of The Eco Coffee Store t/a Halo Coffee NZ, said:

“It’s really exciting releasing these rare beans here in New Zealand, even more so knowing that our farmers are paid directly and everything about the packaging is home compostable and earth friendly.

I started The Eco Coffee Store with an aim to learn more about zero waste, to find zero waste coffee options and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill/recycling plants, through Halo I’ve found this and more, initially with the World’s first fully home compostable capsules and packaging, and now with whole beans. Even without the bag valve the beans smell amazing!

In the future we will be able to have flights of different vintages, but 2018 is our first premium whole bean release.”

Runnersworld recently rated Halo as the best compostable coffee pod of 2021, saying: “If you like a quick, short coffee before you head off on your run, Halo’s compostable capsules are ideal. The coffee tastes like nutty chocolate, and has an impressively velvety texture. But best of all, the pods will break down in under a month.”

Nils Leonard, co-founder of Halo said: “The brands that consumers want now care about craft, about beauty, about perfection. But the brands that consumers truly love, care about all of these things without forsaking the World around them.”

The new premium whole beans are available directly from Halo NZ

Amanda Jackson t/a Halo Coffee NZ is a fully registered member of the Specialty Coffee Association and is a registered NZ Business, The Eco Coffee Store, NZBN 9429047709614, based on Auckland’s North Shore.

Media Release on 22 October 2021

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