Launching Smartwatch That Will Revolutionize Health and Living With Unique Feature

Apollo Smartwatch is a new advanced Health and Sports functions SmartWatch that are used by consumers worldwide and is made available by ROVER IOT4, an AI and IOT business unit of NBR New IT Systems PVT. LTD. The Apollo SmartWatch products are assembled and tested in Japan.

Apollo SmartWatch are equipped with “Dual MCU Chipsets” for Bluetooth (BT) and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE). This means, Apollo SmartWatch is ready for AI and IOT environment, later advanced Rover SmartWatch and more will also be available.

ROVER IOT4, is a joint-initiative Technology and AI/IOT Platform inaugurated by NBR New IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. (India, New Zealand, USA and Europe) and ICXnet Corporation (Japan). ROVER IOT4 mission is to promote technologies for India and worldwide through India’s initiatives or Digital India and Make in India programs.
NBR New IT Systems Pvt. Ltd.

For immediate release, April 4, 2023

NBR New IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. (NBR, is an IT and SaaS company, headquarter in India and New Zealand, USA, Europe, Mr. Ravi Kumar, Founder), announces the offer of Apollo SmartWatch series, an Advanced Health and Sports functions SmartWatch, which will be available worldwide from 15 April 2023, and Japan through ICXnet Corporation (

Online purchase is available from 4 April 2023 with significant promotional price until 30 April 2023.

Apollo SmartWatch can collect health biometric related information from the person wearing the Apollo SmartWatch, as well as sports related information from the person’s conduction sports or movements activities. Some of the major information that the Apollo SmartWatch is capable of measuring are as follows.

❖ Health Information
❖ Heart Rate
❖ High Heart Rate Warning
❖ Blood Oxygen
❖ Stress Detection
❖ Sleep Monitoring
❖ Steps, Distance & Calories
❖ Female Health
❖ Reminder of excessive stress
❖ Drink Water Reminder Communication
❖ Call & Message Notification
❖ Target Reaching Reminder Active Living
❖ Multi-sports Mode
❖ Automatic Motion Recognition
❖ Virtual Accompanying Runner
❖ Breathing Training Health Information
❖ Waterproof
❖ Cloud Watch Face
❖ Wallpaper & Dynamic Dial Setting
❖ Music Play Control
❖ Photograph Control
❖ Weather Forecast
❖ Countdown
❖ Stopwatch
❖ Find Your Phone
❖ Configure watch function interface
❖ Automatically reduce brightness at night
❖ Alarm
❖ And more …

Media Release on 4 April 2023

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