Māori Digital Show Harakore translated into Chinese, Arabic and Hindi

Hikoi productions the tv production company responsible for shows such as Kai Maori and Hunting Aotearoa has translated their 100% Maori language digital show Harakore into Arabic, Chinese and Hindi subtitles.

In what may be a New Zealand first the company has taken their digital show and had it translated in the spirt of the whakatauki (maori proverb) “e ora ai te reo whiua ki te ao”. For the language to survive share it with the world into the three languages.

The reasoning behind the translation lies in Facebook’s own data.
“Globally there are 6.2million people who are interested in the Maori language, while 2million of them reside in NZ, that leaves 4 million who are currently not being catered to” says Digital Strategist Charis Oldfield “translating the episodes means those not from western countries get to experience the beauty of te reo Maori, whilst also learning about Aotearoa, hoepfully when the borders open back up it will help fuel not only thier (the viewers) interest in te reo Maori, but also make them passionate about visiting and hearing our reo firsthand”

Harakore meaning innocent follows a group of women around New Zealand as they try new expereinces to broaden themseleves while discovering themselves.

Harakore is available on Facebook Watch and YouTube and is began screening Season 2 on both platforms for Mahuru Maori (month long Maori challenge) and te wiki o te reo Maori.

Media Release on 17 September 2021

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