N2p Pump Controls Launches New Website

The idea stemmed from necessity, stumped by the pump control solutions available – they were either too basic, too complex, or didn’t exist at all – N2P process engineer Niki Johnstone decided to build his own. The result is N2P’s Pump Controller series, built to solve the problems users often have but, until now, went unaddressed.

“Our talented engineers develop solutions to match the needs of our customers and continually add new features to make our products even more useful. Says Niki.

‘The off-the-shelf hardware in our Pump Controller series is designed to integrate with your existing pumps, allowing you to manage and measure every aspect of your pumping application that matters to you. Our advanced software features real-time alert capabilities and can log your data for review, allowing you to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot any issues.’

Looking ahead, the company aims to cement its position as an industry leader by providing even more solutions and evolving the product offering to include Bluetooth capability for remote access.

For more information, visit our new ecommerce site.

About N2P
N2P was founded in 2011 by Niki Johnstone and Peter Taylor. With the help of our engineering team, we are proud to have delivered N2P’s Pump Controller series, a complete product range that addresses virtually any pumping scenario.

Media Contact
Niki Johnstone, N2P Pump Controls