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Methamphetamine contaminated houses have become a big issue in the Hawkes Bay. With methamphetamine users varying from kids in poor communities to wealthy white collar workers, without proper testing it is impossible to know if meth has been smoked in any home. “We used to think that methamphetamine manufacturing in houses was the problem to look out for because the poisons from meth manufacture become embedded in the gib and even penetrate the stud timber” says Neville Pettersson of Meth Testing Hawkes Bay. “But now we know it is not just meth manufacturing houses we have to look out for. It is ANY house in which methamphetamine has been used.”

Meth in its crystal form looks like rock salt, and when these little crystals are heated for a ‘high’ the meth crystals dissolve, only to reform again on the walls and ceilings of the homes it has been smoked in. In other words – it doesn’t go away and any home that meth has been smoked in will contain traces of methamphetamine. It’s not uncommon for babies to encounter these reformed crystals on the carpet when they’re crawling around. The adverse effects of meth are well documented and children are the most susceptible to its effects.

Current legislation

There currently isn’t any legislation bounding property owners or landlords to decontaminate, or even test, for methamphetamine. This is likely to change soon, but in the meantime landlords and property owners can operate unchecked. MBIE does have some guidelines borrowed from the USA and Australia, however if you don’t test for it then you don’t have a problem. Councils do have the power to list contamination on a PIM or LIM. “Property owners don’t really want to test for meth. Why would they though when they’re not obliged to? It’s only going to cause them problems if they find meth” comments Neville Pettersson. Meth Testing Hawkes Bay is actively involved in the current decision making process going on with the new standards being developed. “Most people don’t realise meth testing is a very scientific process. Steel capped, sausage finger trades people simply aren’t suited for this type of skilled scientific sampling” say Neville.

Demand Growing

A lot of lawyers and insurance companies are now advising, and sometimes requiring, owners or buyers to get a meth test. “When it comes to your biggest asset, banks and insurance companies aren’t going to take any chances” says Neville. “Anyone buying an existing property would be crazy not to get it tested, as for landlords, it’s a no-brainer” he continues. “Unfortunately even if the meth epidemic stopped immediately, the effects would still continue for decades into the future” comments Neville.

Media Release on 22 May 2017 by Meth Testing Hawkes Bay

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