My Brave Book – Practical Journal for Anxious Kids


Kids have the toughest job going around – growing up. And some kids need an extra helping hand if they live with anxiety or low confidence. If you didn’t realise your child has anxiety, or you haven’t sought help before, the good news is you can start making a difference right now. ‘My Brave Book’ might be just the thing you, and your child, need – right now.

Created as a practical tool for 4-8-year-old kids, ‘My Brave Book’ is a simple journal that encourages them to document, in their own words or pictures, moments that they felt they were brave for – however big or small.

These are moments that they need to acknowledge, and have acknowledged (by their parents or caregivers) to make them feel safe, and confident to do them again. The bonus is that they’re also working on their writing and creative storytelling, and developing skills like concentration, focus, critical thinking and communication. Encouragement and support, more than anything, are what kids need to learn how to be great human beings.

In ‘My Brave Book’, we tell kids that being brave isn’t just about saving people. It’s about believing in yourself.

$1 from every journal sold will be donated to Starship Foundation.

Media Release 30 October 2019.