Naturefarm New Zealand Launches New Website

( NatureFarm NZ, manufacturer of Effective microorganisms, has launched its new and improved website. The new-look site features a simplified structure, better navigation and greater depth of content. Improved and updated sections include:

What is EM – If you’re new to EM and its uses this section provides you with everything you need to know. This includes new video content for easy viewing and testimonials from customers of Naturefarm.

Online Shop – Easily purchase EM through our new, secure online store. The new one-click systems allows you to quickly add and remove items form you cart and purchase without many of the problems you get from other online checkout systems.

EM Blog – Direct from the lips of Managing Director Mike Daly, this blog gives you regular news and interesting reports on the subject of EM (effective microorganisms) and Naturefarming methods.

More about EM
EM is an amazing technology developed by Dr Teruo Higa from Japan in the 1980’s. This technology has gained rapid recognition and use around the globe and is now used in more than 140 Countries around the globe and manufactured in more than 60 countries worldwide.

EM can significantly enhance the beneficial effects of good soil and crop management practices such as; crop rotations, use of organic agriculture, conservation tillage, crop residue recycling, and biocontrol of pests. EM will help the decomposition process of organic materials, and during fermentation will produce normally unavailable organic acids , such as lactic acid, acetic acid, amino acid, malic acid and bioactive substances and vitamins. A key ingredient in this process is organic matter which is supplied by recycling crop residues, green manures and animal manure. In a addition this process leads to increased humus in the soil. Lactic acid bacteria which is a major ingredient in EM will suppress pathogenic microbes both directly, and indirectly, through the production of actinomycetes.

The application and use of EM technology in NZ is wide and varied:
• From crops like peas, wheat, linseed to onions, potatoes, carrots and beans.
• From sheep, cows and deer, to pigs and chickens
• From wine grapes and olives to saffron and lavender
• From recycling food waste in restaurants and schools back to gardens
• From household food waste to larger office blocks and Universities collecting lunchtime food waste.
• From small organic composting toilets in holiday homes to large composting toilets in mountain chalets for trampers and mountaineers.
• From controlling odours at commercial and large municipal composting sites to controlling odours and improving water quality at vineyards treating their own wastewater.

Whilst initially the use of EM was confined to Agriculture, in recent times the growth sector has been vineyards and organic waste management.

Visit the new site today to find more or purchase some of this amazing organic product.

About NatureFarm
NatureFarm was founded in 2001 by Mike Daly as a trading company for EM in New Zealand. From small beginnings the company now has an expansive factory and showroom/office complex in the heart of Christchurch. The company manufactures EM products for organic farming, organic fertiliser. and household uses throughout New Zealand.

NatureFarms product are based on natural ingredients, and are certified organic (Biogro). Our philosphy is to promote natural chemical free systems for growing food and processing waste. However, we can also work with existing chemical based systems, by substituating chemicals where possible, with our natural microbial solutions to enhance rather that negatively impact the environment.

Media Release 9 December 2010 from Naturefarm.