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New Social Video Tool

( November 2010 saw the release of a new social video tool, called VYou, which was launched out of the United States under the banner of the website.

VYou allows a user to pose a question to another user in text format which in turn allows allows the respondent to respond to the original question in video format.

In essence this creates a dialogue between users which allows both the original question, answer and any further dialogue is stored on the Vyou site and can be either placed on a social networking site or embedded in a web page or both.

“What is really interesting is what the advent of a social video tool, such as VYou, can do for customer service and sales when applied to the business environment ”, says Wellington based social media consultant, Shannon Smith of

“We have already seen successful examples of social media marketing campaigns from ‘Old Spice’ and ‘Kit-kat’ which used video to engage customers in a very personal way.

“Video is such a great way to connect with people. It is so much easier to reply to a question via video because you can convey so much more passion in the response than you can with plain text, emoticons aside.”

“A tool like VYou can really help if you are trying to engage with your customers via video.”

“Imagine replacing your websites frequently ask questions section with a more personal response via video.”

The customer/provider interface will certainly be more effective and user friendly utilising such a tool and therefore aid in the conversion of passive site visitors to engaged customers”.

Example of Vyou in use can be found on the Powerboard Social Media website ( where a new questions and answers section as been added so people can ask any question they like about social media marketing and have a play with the new video tool.

For more information contact Shannon Smith from Powerboard Social Media Wellington on +64 4 889 2625 or email

Media Release 15 November 2010 from Powerboard Social Media.



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