New Zealand’s fastest growing online dating website

( Launch of the Ultimate NZ dating website by Tall Walkers limited & the man Alex Harry who also brought you Discountmakeup an online wholesale makeup website, has now launched the ultimate online dating site for kiwi’s.

Looking at current dating sites in New Zealand, Harry decided that his company can produce a better technology and user friendly design of the latest trend.
New Zealanders deserves the best; right now we kiwis don’t have enough choice as there are only few local dating sites.

According to latest census indicating there are over 1 million single New Zealanders over the age of 18.

Parttimelover is aiming to have up to 200,000 members signed up by the end of next year.

Once people sign up it’s about helping them as much as we can to find them their perfect partner or soul mate.

After 11 months of development & 4 different designs, 28 –year- old internet entrepreneur has finally launched the ultimate dating site.

“I have seen & tested dating sites, they are either very expensive to join or have too many advertisement which annoys everybody.” To have best user experience Harry has decided to make it AD. Free site.
“I hate online advertisement and I am sure others hate it too”. Harry said.

Instead Parttimelover will earn its revenue through Membership subscription. Men- $14.99/ month, $49.99/six month and $89.99/ yearly charges, Female- $10.00/ year charges
Which will help weed out the time waster, we also make sure that only serious people with good intension to meet likeminded people are joining the site.

“Not everyone will have great experience on day one; it takes time and patience, to findsomone special.”

Our main competition will be from trade me groups site findsomeone and nz dating.

Harry said Partimelover’s main advantages are its design, usability, and price. Parttimelover is 100 per cent owned by Tall Walkers Limited and the dating service will be promoted through online and offline marketing.

Harry expects about 40 per cent of users to buy subscription and said the website had the potential to turn a profit “fairly quickly”.

Media Release on 17 September 2014

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