Shake Things Up and Fall in Love with Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam

( No longer just the domain of frothy cappuccinos and bubbling champagne, this breakthrough non-drip foam formula transforms your at-home colouring experience – making it even easier to achieve lasting dimensional colour and 100% grey coverage.

Colourist to the stars and Nice’n Easy ambassador, Belinda Jeffrey, says the new foam technology developed by Clairol is a really exciting addition the range.

“Customers will be blown away by the ease of use, and the results are phenomenal!” Jeffrey says.

The science behind Nice’n Easy’s new Colour Blend Foam formula makes it one of the most effective foam formulations on the market. What’s different about Nice’n Easy is the optimised polymer based foam formula which provides a user friendly consistency and fast dye penetration, leading to an outstanding colour result.

Facts about Foam

• Foam behaves like a solid when at rest, so there is absolutely no drip through your fingers or onto your forehead during application.

• The foam expands when shaken to give you more volume and even coverage, but once applied to hair behaves like a liquid, enabling it to spread easily to surround and deliver colour to each strand.

• With foam, getting colour to even the hard-to-reach places is easy.

Nice’n Easy’s Research and Development Scientist, Dr Frauke Neuser, says foam is not a liquid, gas or solid, but combines the best properties of all three.

“The foam is created via the unique foamer cap – an exclusive bottle design that has seen over 100 prototypes tested,” says Dr Neuser.

“The special foamer cap ensures controlled foaming and easy mixing for ultimate ease of use. In fact the pump increases the volume of the liquid by six times, giving women much more product to work with. Once dispensed, it won’t drip through fingers or from the head (for no mess application) and collapses into a liquid to wrap every hair strand and give even coverage.”

Multi-Dimensional Colour

Nice’n Easy’s exclusive Colour Blend Foam delivers a pigment rich base layered with contouring highlights. The superior dimensional, true-to-you colours are available in 18 shades providing 100% grey coverage and six weeks of lasting colour. Each pack also contains Nice’n Easy’s Colourseal Gloss which is the essential final step to ensure you lock in the colour and protect your hair.

How to use Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam

Like traditional colourants, Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam comes with a tint and developer. To mix, simply shake together, just three times, then squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam right into your gloved hand. With the foam formula you don’t need to use an applicator, just massage through with your fingers.

Belinda Jeffrey’s steps for use

1. Protect your skin by applying a barrier cream around your hairline

2. Mix the developer and tint together with just 3 shakes

3. Put on your gloves

4. Apply to your hair by simply squeezing the bottle then, just like you would your shampoo, foam to cover all your hair

5. Wait for the developing time (25 minutes, or 35 minutes for grey hair)

6. Rinse until water runs clear and apply the ColourSeal Gloss Conditioner sachet

7. Rinse thoroughly, dry and style as usual to reveal your glossy new colour

Dr Frauke Neuser says the launch of Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam marks an important milestone for the home hair colour category.

“We have responded to women’s feedback and are making the colouring process much easier and more fun, while maintaining the dimensional colour result they love and trust from Nice’n easy. New Colour Blend Foam is easy to use, ensures women aren’t confined to their bathroom and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. We’re confident women will change their minds about hair colouring forever.”

Just 3 shakes – foam it – love it!

Clairol Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam (RRP $17.99) is available in 18 shades in stores nationwide. For more information visit

Media Release 16 August 2011.