Reviewboost Clarification


Reviewboost New Zealand would like to confirm that there are two profiles of companies named Reviewboost on the New Zealand version of the employer review website Glassdoor. The other profile is about a United States-based company. The two businesses are not associated with each other.

Glassdoor is a website that allows current and former employees of companies to anonymously post reviews and comments about their employer. Salaries are also able to be anonymously posted and viewed. It also works as a job search site.

Glassdoor is used all over the world with country-specific domain names such as the United States’ ‘.com’; New Zealand’s ‘’; and Australia’s ‘’.

However, businesses based overseas can display reviews and comments on the New Zealand version of Glassdoor, including ReviewBoost USA.

Reviewboost is a name that is used by a number of marketing companies globally, however to the best of Reviewboost NZ’s knowledge, none of them are related. Reviewboost NZ chose its name because it best describes what it can do for its clients – boost the quality and quantity of customer reviews.

“We are concerned that people may visit and see references to ReviewBoost USA and assume those comments refer to Reviewboost NZ. As a newly formed business, Reviewboost NZ has a small number of employees and has only recently made its own page. To date, there have been no negative comments about our company,” says sales manager Evan Seber.

Reviewboost is an automated system designed to help businesses encourage client reviews on up to 100 major sites including TradeMe, Facebook and Google. Reviewboost collects and reports on all online reviews and as a result the system can help businesses grow their customer base, increase profit and improve their online profile.

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Media Release 6 January 2019.