Rising Popularity in Traditional Indoor Timber Shutters Among Auckland Homeowners

Weathermaster Auckland, a leading provider of window coverings in Auckland, is witnessing a trend among homeowners towards traditional interior aesthetics, with Indoor Timber Shutters leading the charge.

“Homeowners in Auckland are increasingly seeking classic, elegant solutions for their windows,” says Janene Gillon, Director of Weathermaster Auckland.

“Our custom-made timber shutters offer the perfect blend of durability, style, and functionality, aligning with this traditional trend.”

Made from premium kiln-dried Basswood, Weathermaster Auckland’s wooden interior shutters are not only strong and stable but also provide versatile heat and light control, ensuring comfort in every season.

“Our interior timber shutters are designed to offer flexible light control and optimal privacy while softening exterior noise and adding insulation,” Janene adds. “This combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal is what makes them a popular choice among our customers.”

Expertly crafted with classical dovetail construction, these shutters are built to endure, backed by Weathermaster Auckland’s guarantee of up to 5 years.

Expanding the appeal beyond functionality, the timber shutters by Weathermaster Auckland also serve as a timeless aesthetic feature, enhancing the visual appeal of any home. “As we see a surge in homeowners embracing more traditional designs, timber shutters have become a centrepiece in Auckland homes, marrying the timeless charm of classic decor with modern living”.

For more information about Weathermaster Auckland and their Indoor Timber Shutters, visit their website.

Media Release on 16 November 2023

Media Contact
Janene Gillon, Weathermaster Auckland