SG1 MotorGen Project

( Integrated Motor/Generator prototype designed to be modularised which has shielding between generator and the motor parts which protects it from magnetic attachment.

Our idea for the rotor is to (once cad drawing are ready) is to create a titanium latus structure in a metalized 3D printer, it then goes into our furnace for 24 hours. Then it’s off to a metal casting company where they create a sand mould, steel is poured in a completed light-weight high temperature rotor is created.

Light absorbing transformer can not only be used in electric motors it can also easily be used a solar converter too. Therefore, fossil fuels are not necessary anymore! We have also created a motor and solar charge controller, with built-in battery charger and LEDs to let you know the state of battery charge.

Media Release on 8 April 2017 by ScorpiGem Limited

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