Standing Desks Proving Popular Among Home Offices in 2020

The health risks of a sedentary lifestyle are well documented. But it has been the last decade which has seen the most significant amount of awareness and research around the dangers of sitting for a prolonged period.

A groundbreaking study in 2010 revealed that, even when adults regularly engage in exercise, they still cannot negate the adverse health effects of sitting all day. This study, and many others like it, has led people to embrace the standing and height-adjustable desk.

2020 has further accelerated consumer interest in standing desks. With the global pandemic forcing people to work from home offices, workers were investing more in their home offices spaces, and many opted for height-adjustable desks.

“The lockdown changed the way many kiwis worked”, says office furniture retailer, SmartSpace. “Many offices have embraced stand up desks over the past few years and normalised height-adjustable solutions. When we were forced into a home working environment, a lot of people wanted to carry this over to their home offices”.

SmartSpace sells electric, sit to stand desks. The product has seen increased interest over the past three months.

“The lockdown forced businesses to adopt a work from home strategy. Coming out of lockdown, we have seen this trend continue, with employers allowing workers to work from a home office a few days a week”.

“The rise of flexible home working has seen more kiwis invest in home office spaces”.

A standing desk benefits both body and mind. Standing for periods throughout the day burns a greater number of calories, decreasing the chance of weight gain and heart disease. Additionally, standing has been shown to improve mood and boost energy levels.

A study of Australian women revealed that those who sat for more than seven hours each day has a 47% greater risk of depressive symptoms than those who employed intermittent standing.

Smartspace has received similar feedback from their customers. Jason Nicholls, Director of Photography at Fluke Creative, noted, “my brain works differently when I stand up. I am much more active and alert. The standing desk has made a real difference”.

SmartSpace’s range of standing and height-adjustable desks can be purchased via their website.

Media Release on 11 August 2020

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