Press Release Submission Service for New Zealand

Submission, publication, distribution and promotion of New Zealand online press releases.

Press Release Submission for

Only New Zealand Press Releases will be accepted. Prices exclude GST.


Ads on Press Release Yes No No No No
Word Length (max) 600 1,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
Indexed by Google (i) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Share Buttons Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PR posted to Facebook,
Twitter & LinkedIn
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link to Website (ii) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company description
and contact (iii)
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Embeded Video No No Yes Yes Yes
NZ promotion via
Google Adwords (iv)
No No No Yes ($50) Yes ($150)
NZ promotion via
Facebook (iv)
No No No No Yes ($150)
NZ promotion via
LinkedIn (iv)
No No No No Yes ($150)
Distribution to
NZ news desks
No No Yes (10+) Yes (30+) Yes (30+)

Submit Now
$20 + gst
$100 + gst
$200 + gst
$1000 + gst

(i) Indexed by Google on

(ii) Only one link is allowed per release, the first URL on the content will be linked. If no URL is in the releases main body then the website URL in the footer area will be linked instead.

(iii) Company description at the bottom of the submitted press release with company details (phone, address, contact, website)

(iv) will setup, manage and optimise Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns promoting your Press Release to the New Zealand market on keywords that are relevant to your release. This will generate direct new leads into your Press Release from Google Ads (including Google Content Network), Facebook and LinkedIn providing you with promotion of your Press Release in the New Zealand market. If requested, a report will be provided at the end of the campaign with the number of clicks generated to your Press Release from the campaign.