The Christchurch Art Show Opens

( View and buy original art from hundreds of artists. Thousands of original artworks priced from $50 to $5,000!

The Christchurch Art Show is the South Island’s new premiere annual art sales event and the first ever show debuts this June 19th at the Events Centre, Wigram Air Force Museum, Christchurch.

The catch phrase for the show is “Art for Everyone” and everyone should come to the show. In fact, the show would like to reach those folk in Canterbury who would not normally make their way to an art exhibition. This is an art show and there is a staggeringly large variety of work on show to see from many Kiwi artists covering many art forms. The art is priced from below $50 and the priciest work is capped at five thousand dollars. The artwork will delight the eye as well as the pocket. There is also a market for corporate art with award winning works available from established and emergent artists – The Christchurch Art Show Award and The Peter Yealands Wine Award being voted on and announced at the opening night. Christchurch artist David Woodings will be speaking on his choice of selected work at the event and awarding The Christchurch Art Award to the winning artwork and artist.

The Christchurch Art Show kicks off with an official Opening and Awards night on the 19th June at 7:30pm which promises to be an extravaganza of art and the first viewing of works for those lucky enough to be at the ticketed event. The public show days start on Friday June 20th at 10am and finish on Sunday June 22nd. Entry is $10 per person with retiree rates and children under 10 years old free.

Visit the website for special entry deals and information about the show. If you would like a sneak peek at the event and art available go to the show’s public facebook page where you can see what has been going on and some of the fabulous work that will be at the show