TIMG’s BackOnline Invaluable During Lockdown

(PR.co.nz)  TIMG’s BackOnline solution, offering data back-up and full disaster recovery has proven a valuable asset for New Zealand businesses who were forced to transition quickly to 100% remote work during NZ’s recent COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. Those businesses who already tap into BackOnline are enjoying advanced technology that enables them to breathe a sigh of relief and maintain business continuity with no hassles in the face of adversity.

On the other hand, businesses who continue to carry out a manual backup tape storage process would likely have needed to have staff physically access on-premise servers during lockdown to ensure data backups continued as normal. This would have proved impossible for those businesses who were not deemed to be essential services and were not allowed to have employees access their business premises.

And what about those businesses who had data failures during the lockdown period and needed to restore their manual backups held on-premise? As per the prior scenario, this would have been impossible during Level 4 and would have left some businesses not being able to operate at all.

Businesses that invested in BackOnline benefited from the solution’s replication, encryption, and high-level data security, and were also safe from the insecurity that sharing data over home networks brings.

BackOnline is a scalable cloud storage solution, available through TIMG, that delivers full disaster recovery and cloud backup for SME’S and large businesses through to individuals. Clients can restore entire servers and recover crucial business files in a matter of minutes, thanks to TIMG’s secure offsite data storage, with data centres based in New Zealand and back-ups stored at clients’ locations on Network Attached Storage devices (NAS). Secure off-site storage ensures your data remains safe should your office be at risk from disasters such as fires, flood, pandemic or employee theft.

Delivering innovative information management solutions to New Zealand businesses for over 30 years, TIMG has become one of the most trusted names in the business. With their offsite records storage, secure document destruction, and vault-based media storage solutions, TIMG is improving business security and efficiency, adding value to their clients’ workflow by improving critical business functions.

To learn more about TIMG’s valuable BackOnline solution, click here: https://timg.co.nz/product/backonline-cloud-storage-disaster-recovery/

Media Release 6 June 2020.