Wanna Swap!

(PR.co.nz) Welcome to wannaswap.co.nz the new way for NZers to get what they want by swapping what they have to get it, whether it be anything from a days works to a weedeater or just plain old cash.

The site allows you the user to offer your listed item to others, and for users to offer something of theirs for what you have, with the option to DECLINE, ACCEPT or CANCEL any offers made to you, or write back and forth until both parties are happy, once an item is listed on the site it’s on there for good, until swapped or deleted off site by the user.

So list yourself, your car your, whatever, and see what you get offered, because you just never know!

List things you might not want to commit selling but want to just see what might be offered, because… you don’t have to accept a swap if you don’t want.

wannaswap.co.nz …. WITHOUT all rules and restrictions.

Come on NZ lets get listing and swapping.

Wannaswap will continue to edit and up grade the site.

Media Release on 13 July 2012 from Wannaswap

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