Water Tanks – Protect Your South Island Farm From Drought This Summer

(PR.co.nz) The New Zealand summer is on its way. Most New Zealander’s love the warm summer weather, but nobody likes the thought of a potential drought nagging at the back of their mind when they see their water tanks running low. Taking some precautions now by installing extra water tank capacity can help to eliminate those concerns, and to safeguard your property from drought this summer.

Burford is the expert when it comes to concrete water tanks – they have been in the business for over 50 years. Based in Winton, just north of Invercargill, they’ve been manufacturing concrete water storage tanks (and other concrete products) for South Island farmers since 1958. Not only do these high quality concrete tank products meet or exceed all New Zealand standards, many of the products produced in 1958 are still in use today.

Customers find that concrete water tanks are preferable to any other water tank or water storage system. If you use a concrete water tank you no longer need to worry about your tanks blowing away if they are not full, during high winds. Water is also kept cooler in a concrete tank, so there is less chance of bacterial growth. South Island farmers have also found the tanks to be very aesthetically pleasing, with the option of having tanks partially or fully submerged in the ground. All tanks are reinforced with fibre in the plaster, meaning that they are incredibly tough. Burford manufacture water tanks in a range of sizes, and also manufacture full septic tank systems.

Using a plastic tank can often lead to chemicals leaking into your drinking water, however a concrete tank from Burford will eliminate this issue. It is essential that you keep water quality high, especially when your water is stored near stock yards or milking sheds with high levels of effluent. Burford have a speciality water tank cleaning and mobile repair service, which can be called upon at any time in case of an emergency. Burford suggest that you clean out your tank every 3-5 years. The insides of the tank will be blasted (with separate gear to that used for septic tanks) and the water replaced afterwards.

All Burford tanks are custom-made, and the manufacturing processes are flexible enough to meet your needs this summer. If you’re looking to get a 30,000 litre tank so you can enjoy that warm weather without worrying about the consequences of a drought, Burford will be glad to design one for you. Smaller water tanks are no problem either, with their ability to produce water tanks as small as 1,800 litres capacity.

Visit the Burford website to view the range of www.concretetanks.co.nz, and other products. You can also telephone Burford on 032368731 anytime.

Media Release on 3 October 2014

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