WithLove expands its Romantic Streaming Service to New Zealand

WithLove, a Dutch initiative catering to enthusiasts of romantic films, is excited to announce its expansion into the New Zealand market. Positioned as an affordable alternative for viewers predominantly seeking feel-good films centered around romance, love, and passion, WithLove presents an enticing option for those finding mainstream streaming services like Stan or Netflix to be a bit overwhelming.

Accessible through a user-friendly app on both Apple iOS and Android devices, WithLove offers users the opportunity to indulge in hours of romantic entertainment on their tablets and smartphones. WithLove allows streaming to television screens through Chromecast and a range of SmartTV Apps, bringing romantic narratives to life on the big screen. With features such as creating favorite lists and the ability to pause and resume at any time, WithLove strives to enhance the viewing pleasure of its users.

Content and Quality
WithLove delivers a rich content offering tailored to its audience, including hundreds of romantic films and full seasons of diverse TV series. The content library is continuously updated, with WithLove adding new titles each week, ensuring the selection grows every month. From timeless classics to recent releases, like The Royal Nanny and Can’t Buy My Love, WithLove promises a diverse and engaging viewing experience.
The image quality on tablets and smartphones is comparable to major streaming services. With a focus on HD content, WithLove remains an attractive choice for lovers of romantic films.

Flexible Subscription Model
WithLove provides subscribers with flexibility, allowing them to cancel subscriptions at any time. Subscription fees are paid in advance, with a monthly subscription priced at A$12.95 and a cost-effective yearly subscription at A$99. New subscribers have the opportunity to explore the service free of charge for one week.

For those who appreciate romantic films, WithLove New Zealand offers an attractive and affordable option. With an extensive content library and flexible subscription options, WithLove now welcomes Australian viewers to immerse themselves in the enchantment of love on screen.

About WithLove:
WithLove is an emerging Dutch streaming service specializing in romantic films and TV series. With a focus on affordability and content diversity, WithLove provides a unique viewing experience for romance enthusiasts worldwide. For more information, visit WithLove Australia.

Media Release on 27 December 2023

Media Contact
Jaap Rozemeijer