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Akaroa Quake Disrupts Muntstones Blog Post

( A post celebrating the YouTube video The Muntstones was being written in the sleepy district of Darfield when a quake interrupted the writing of the word “despair”.

While Darfield got away with comparatively little damage in every single quake so far, it does jangle nerves, and like everywhere else, there are munted houses out there too.

So a “The Muntstones” video was seen as a great way to relieve the tension, and remind everyone else of the extent of the damage we’ve all seen in all three major quakes.

Canterbury residents are feeling the strain, many on twitter retweeting a statement that tonight is Christchurch’s longest night, due to the 5.3 quake near Akaroa, in Little RIver, this evening. It was a raucus quake disrupting sleep and causing power to go out in the western suburbs of Christchurch, including Templeton, on the Main South Road. But Canterbury resident was trying to share some light humour with the province when the quake struck, just before he had a chance to write the word despair.

“I’d found the video “The Muntstones” on Youtube, and was just collating a series of videos about the quakes to go into my quake post on my blog, when a big, long quake struck. We’re fortunate to be so far from the action. But it was significant, for sure. We knew someone was in for a hiding.

The Muntstones video ought to bring a smile to a few faces around Canterbury, everyone here is on tender hooks, that is for sure.

Media Release 22 June 2011.



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