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Get Where You Want To Go In Less Time With Drive Smart From JVC

( This innovative new app makes your common commute uncomplicated, allowing you to record your travel routes on Google Maps so you can get to your destination in the quickest time, every time!

Just by connecting your iPhone to a JVC Mobile Entertainment headset and selecting the Drive Smart app, you can record routes via the control knobs and buttons of the car audio system.

This clever app records the speed at which you were travelling, the time it took you to get there and the altitude of the route, illustrated using graphs and directions on Google Maps.

Forget scrambling around in your glove box for your old road map and analyzing alternative routes in the midst of a traffic jam – with the Drive Smart app you can easily retrieve stored data just by selecting a new route from your saved list.

Late to meet a friend? Let them know exactly where you are with the ‘Here I Am’ function on the Drive Smart app. Simply select the option on your iPhone and a flag will appear, indicating your current location on Google Maps. By using a default template, an e-mail is created instantaneously for delivery of the map to multiple recipients so your buddies can know where you are and when to expect you.

Or make the most of the Drive Smart app and hit the pavement with your iPhone in tow. The app lets you track your routes while running, walking or even cycling to make sure you get the most from every workout.

The JVC Drive Smart app is free to download from

Media Release 22 June 2011.



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