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New Course Threatens PR Companies

( A new online course that shows businesses how to generate their own publicity is set to save them thousands of dollars at the expense of pricey public relations companies.

Media Secrets 101 has been developed by director of Seeking Publicity and former government press secretary, Pete Burdon.

“Businesses pay PR companies huge money to raise their media profile. PR people like to think they have unique skills in this area, but it’s not rocket science,” says Mr Burdon.

“The problem is that until now, business people have not understood the publicity process or what journalists are looking for. Media Secrets 101 changes that.”

Mr Burdon says media publicity is the most valuable marketing tool because of the credibility it creates.

“Not many people realise that by understanding what journalists want and how the process works, just about anyone can get media coverage. This will not always be in metropolitan dailies, but there’s a huge range of general and niche media to target.”

Media Secrets 101 involves clients receiving a 15 minute video via email every week for 12 weeks. This includes a small amount of homework. The topics covered range from targeting the right media, to communicating with journalists, to taking a campaign online.

“PR companies use words like ‘issues management’ and ‘strategic communications plans’ to make their work sound difficult. Media Secrets 101 cuts through that jargon and helps business people raise their profile at a fraction of the cost and without cutting heavily into their day job,” Mr Burdon concludes.

Media Release 5 July 2010 from Seeking Publicity.



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