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Data Protect – Unique Insurance for Your Business

( Buildings, office equipment and company cars – they’re all insured, right?

But what about one of the most important assets your company owns – its data?

Data Protect, a New Zealand owned and operated company, is set to change the way businesses think when it comes to backing up their valuable data.

Not only does Data Protect provide an automatic data protection and secure data storage service, it also provides unique data loss insurance, meaning that if a client’s data can’t be retrieved, it will pay an agreed sum as compensation.

Data Protect director Mark Hayes says he’s always had 100 percent faith in the service and its biggest test following Christchurch’s February 22 earthquake saw it pass with flying colours.
“Our clients in Christchurch were back up and running with all of their data the day after the earthquake, while other businesses took weeks to get back on their feet,” he says.
“We are so passionate and believe in our system so much that we’re prepared to guarantee it. No other data protection service available is willing to do that.”

Data Protect works by doing an initial back-up for new clients, then automatically conducts a daily back-up for any new information or any changes to existing information. The changes or new information are available online for between 30 and 60 days, while the original data is available for the life of the policy.

Mr Hayes says Data Protect also prides itself on the fact that no data is moved offshore to be stored.

“New Zealand businesses can sleep easy knowing that their valuable data is safe and secure right here in New Zealand,” he says.

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