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ITF Supports Emphasis on Qualifications Employment Outcomes

( “Employment outcomes are highly relevant for industry-related vocational education and training qualifications, and industry supports the greater focus the Minister for Tertiary Education plans to give to this in future”, said Jeremy Baker, Executive Director of the Industry Training Federation.

The Minister for Tertiary Education, Hon Steven Joyce, indicated that the government would be looking to put greater emphasis on the employment outcomes of tertiary qualifications in a speech at Victoria University of Wellington yesterday.

“More than half of all tertiary education and training qualifications can be clearly and directly linked to industry and occupational purposes. Another quarter of all qualifications are vocationally orientated, but have application in a broad range of sectors and occupations. For all of these programmes, measuring the employment success of education and training is extremely important”, Mr Baker added.

“Only a quarter of tertiary education and training can be described as ‘general’ in that it is not designed to meet the specific needs of an industry or occupation. And even for these programmes, employment outcomes are at least one way of assessing whether these programmes are delivering value”, said Mr Baker.

“Industry and industry training organisations look forward to working with the Minister, officials and tertiary education providers to develop appropriate measures for the employment outcomes of tertiary education and training – particularly for vocational education and training programmes.”

Media Release 15 July 2010 from Industry Training Federation.



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