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A Moving Revolution

( So you’ve found a great new office or apartment and finally, it’s time
to move. You just grab some boxes, fill them up, and move into your
new space. Not quite. The moving process can be stressful,costly and
environmentally dire, but it doesn’t have to be this way says Andrew
Nichols founder of Rentacrate

The business provides rugged reusable moving boxes for hire to
commercial and residential markets which, Nichols says, have been
quick to realise the cost and convenience benefits including next day
delivery and collection after the move. The lockable, weather
resistant crates are constructed from recyclable material and last
years before being fully recycled Nichols says. He said the business
has experienced rapid growth in New Zealand and is expanding across

“The “pack’n’ stack eco-friendly packaging system has been operational
in the United Kingdom since the 1970s and the United States for nearly
20 years, making numerous television appearances with Oprah Windfrey
who is a great fan of the system.

“In a time when cardboard packaging material accounts for nearly one
third of landfill waste, incorporating reusable plastic crates into a
business move is a very significant step towards becoming a greener
company. Nichols said corporates, government departments and home
owners haven’t had a choice in the past but with a requirement to be
ecologically accountable, the Rentacrate revolution is now a reality.

The re-usable plastic crates require 39 percent less total energy to
manufacture,than cardboard boxes, produce 95 percent less total solid
waste and generate 29 percent less total greenhouse gas emissions and
generally cost far less to produce Nichols said.

“Something that relocation businesses have also welcomed is that by
using Rentacrate they can reduce the number of truckloads necessary
per move because the boxes stack so well. That reduces the number of
trucks on the road of course too with lower carbon emissions from
their business operation. Nichols said the end user also experiences
significant economic advantage saving up to 50 percent off the cost of
a traditional relocation with fewer units, less labour and fewer loads

“That’s a huge saving for businesses and domestic users. We work with
companies such as Crown and Allied Pickford who are now undertaking
many large moves this way as it has both significant economic and
environmental benefits for them and their customers,” he said.

Rentacrate currently operates in several main centres including
Auckland, Tauranga, Nelson and Christchurch and Nichols said there was
still opportunity for growth for franchisees in other centres.

Media Release 23 December 2011.



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