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Online Firm Offers Home Owners Some Respite With Discounted Insurance Premiums

( With Homeowners facing the prospect of a hefty 50 percent rise in the cost of house insurance which could add $200 to $300 per year to their house insurance premiums, help may be at hand to ease the burden of an already stretched financial budget.

A new company Kiwi Discount Club Ltd has been launched to help New Zealand consumers save money on the goods and services they buy on a regular basis each month.

“Many people don’t realise that by electing to take on a small percentage of the risk yourself you can save hundreds of dollars on your house contents and car insurance” director of Kiwi Discount Club Des Morgan said.

Morgan’s new online business provides consumers with insurance options and offers discounts to members.

Morgan cited an example of a couple insuring their 150 m2 house and contents worth $100.000 would save $270 a year in premiums by taking a voluntary excess of $750 in addition to the $250 standard excess (total excess $1,000) and taking a voluntary $400 excess on their contents insurance on top of the $250 standard excess (total excess$650)

Obviously if the house burns down the client is going to have to front up with the first $1,000 or if they have a burglary they will have to pay an additional $400 towards the claim but if nothing happens and they put that savings aside they would have enough to cover the excess within 4 years Morgan says.

Morgan said that by purchasing house and contents insurance through Kiwi Discount Club members are also eligible to receive a 5% cash rebate on the company premium each year which in the above example would mean an additional saving of $75 per year.

Morgan said that insurance premiums which include life insurance, health insurance, income protection insurance, house, contents and car insurance are a major expenditure for most households and in these economic times with the threat of a worldwide recession hanging over our head it is imperative that we make each dollar count, reduce debt and stop living pay check to paycheck.

Kiwi Discount Club offers a cash rebate equivalent to 25% discount of the first year’s premium for life insurance and health insurance and loyalty rebates each year equivalent to 5% of the premiums paid. This together with the consumer choosing to voluntarily nominate higher excesses on their insurances can save them many hundreds of dollars in premiums each year Morgan said.

Morgan said that membership of the Kiwi Club is free and while insurance services are the first cab of the rank the Kiwi Discount Club will be introducing other value products and services for its members at discounted rates in the near future.

Media Release on 26 October 2011 from Kiwi Discount Club Ltd

Kiwi Discount Club Ltd

Media Contact:
Des Morgan
Phone: (04) 297 3234



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