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Embrace the Science of Nature this Season – with Pantene Nature Fusion!

( Combining cutting edge technology with nature’s best, to achieve hair with fullness and shine, Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion conditions and strengthens your hair against breakage, so you can kiss dry and damaged hair goodbye and embrace the hair you’ve always wanted!

The breakthrough Nature Fusion collection features Pantene’s signature Pro-V science combined with essence derived from the Cassia flower – a natural ingredient proven to help deliver healthy hair.

Taking divine inspiration from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, Pantene scientists unlocked the potential of the Cassia – an ancient botanical renowned for its medicinal benefits, along with its detoxifying and purifying properties.

The innovative new Nature Fusion collection also contains avocado oil, grapeseed extract and bamboo, which work together to add resilience and fullness to your hair, without weighing it down.

Get gorgeous fullness and shine this season with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo. A stunning combination of science and nature, the shampoo boasts a unique clear formula that delivers conditioning benefits with a rich, creamy lather thanks to its magical Cassia Complex.

Keep your hair frizz-free with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner. The innovative dual-surfactant technology creates a special ‘airfilm’, working to separate your hair strands for effective and even distribution of conditioning ingredients, leaving no strand unturned!

Enjoy a little indulgence with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Rinse-Off Treatment, which contains a rich concentrate of conditioning ingredients to give you beautiful hair this season. The rinse-off treatment forms a protective layer over your hair to repair damaged strands underneath – genius!

You moisturise your skin during winter, so why not your hair? Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Leave-On Intensive Treatment offers a rich cream that provides an additional protective coat for dry, damaged hair – lightly conditioning your hair anytime it needs an extra dose of moisturisation.

Dr Jasmine Karsono, Pantene Principal Scientist says, through superior scientific skills and insights, Pantene scientists were able to unlock new potential in the revered ancient ingredient Cassia, decoding the promising mystery of a timeless plant and producing a powerful new technology in hair care.

“Rather than just use plant extracts, what is new with Pantene’s Cassia Complex, is that we have been able to identify the right part of a plant to fuse with science and help us deliver a benefit to hair,” she says.

The new Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion range is available nationwide and includes the following products:

• Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner (RRP $5.10 200ml, RRP $8.58 350ml)
• Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Rinse-Off Treatment (RRP $5.99 150ml)
• Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Leave-On Intensive Treatment (RRP $10.21 100ml)

Media Release 26 July 2011.



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