Credit Reputation is important in Good Times and Tough Times

( According to recent news publications research shows that just one in ten Kiwis have tried to obtain their credit report, and nearly half have no interest in doing so. At present, credit records show only the times when someone has inquired about getting credit, and any defaults. In this current economy your good name and credit reputation is important as Creditors have tightened their guidelines. Mortgage lenders, auto finance companies, credit card issuers and banks have all raised the bar. Borrowers with a poor credit history can expect to be denied or to pay significantly higher interest rates than those with an excellent credit history.

Those with bad credit history cannot afford to ignore the potential benefits of credit repair. In today’s society, credit repair is more important than ever. A significant percentage of credit files contain some sort of error or omission materially impacting credit worthiness. As such, one would be wise to at least explore retaining a reputable credit service company in the restoration of one’s credit file.

The Privacy Commissioner has begun hearing oral submissions in Auckland on changes to credit reporting law. Under the proposed changes credit records will show whether someone was late with their electricity, gas or phone bills, mortgage or creditcard invoices, insurance, or other monthly payments for two years. It is timely then to review one’s credit file and fix what currently is on file and Credit Report Solutions is a company that can be used to repair a credit file.

Credit Report Solutions is a credit service business specialising in the restoration of credit worthiness. We assist consumers in achieving a favorable financial credit profile and will raise the matter with the Privacy Commissioner in the event of a breach of Privacy. In repairing your credit file, we utilise New Zealand laws to dispute negative, erroneous, obsolete, and/or fraudulent information contained within your credit file. Keep in mind that anything Credit Report Consultants can do – you can do yourself. Where Credit Report Consultants have the edge is the fact that we possess the knowledge and a source proven method which yields positive results for our clients. Our mission is to ensure that our clients credit information is reported accurately and is not misleading in any way. We assist with only genuine contestable credit listings.

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Media Release on 26 July 2011 from Credit Report Solutions

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