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Release stress and unlock your true potential

( Two new audio creations from Wellbeing world Online “Learn to Meditate – Mindfulness of Breathing” and “Learn to Meditate – Metta Bhavana” both classes are suitable for beginners, teaching basic meditation techniques to you in the comfort of your own home.

Meditation is a powerful tool, just a few minutes a day will help to clear and focus the mind, induce deep relaxation, enhance sleep, increase vitality, raise levels of self confidence, improve concentration, transform negative emotions to positive, deepen the ability to understand and strengthen the bonds with both self and others.When all of these benefits are considered it’s not surprising that stress levels lower and meditators shine from the inside out.

Meditation teacher and practitioner of over 30 years Rae Roberts has created two audio products for Wellbeing world Online and there are more in production.

Learn to Meditate – The Mindfulness of Breathing (MP3 & CD), includes two easy-to-follow 35 minute classes that have been created to introduce and progress this effective meditation technique to those with little or no experience.

Learn to Meditate – The Metta Bhavana (MP3 & CD), the first class runs for 42 minutes whilst the second is a 20 minute quick version of the practice ideal to use if you do not have time for the longer session. Both begin with a body awareness section which works to focus your mind onto your body and especially your heart centre. You are then guided through the meditation practice in 5 clear stages, as you develop, then send your loving kindness outwards in wider, and wider circles. At the end of each class, you are encouraged to sit quietly for a few moments to absorb the effects of the meditation.

Notes to Editors – Rae Roberts

Rae has practised meditation since 1982 and is ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Community. She has taught meditation in many contexts and countries including the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

She practices the Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation and the Metta Bhavana Meditation on Loving Kindness and has done several other types of meditation over the years including the Green Tara visualisation, Six Elements Practice, Brahma Viharas and insight meditation.

Rae was the Director ofthe Aryaloka Buddhist Centre in New Hampshire, USA for 10 years and has helped establish and run Meditation and Buddhist centres throughoutthe world. She lived for 3 years at the Taraloka Retreat centre in Shropshire, England, where she led retreats for women.

Rae says, “I especially enjoy teaching meditation to newcomers and seeing the incredible effect it can have on them and their lives, as it did for me. Meditation helps develop inner calm and focus and is a potent tool for reducing stress and developing perspective. It opens up a new way of seeing ourselves and the world.”

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Media Release on 03 May 2012

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Sue Fuller, Wellbeing World Online
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