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Toyota Hilux Driven to Iceland Eruption

( Toyota’s Hilux has once again demonstrated its go-anywhere ability – this time on the ice and fire of Iceland’s Eyjafallajökull volcano.

Hilux proved to be the perfect transport for scientists racing to set up monitoring equipment, just hours before the long dormant mountain blew its top and sent a vast cloud of ash 10,000 metres into the sky.

The eruption has brought chaos to the skies of Europe with massive disruption to airlines and travellers around the world.

The legendary Hilux has already established its versatility in extreme conditions, being the first car to be driven across the Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole by Top Gear.

In its latest adventure, the go-anywhere Hilux was fitted with the same extreme environment specification, including giant low pressure 38-inch tyres.

Hilux had the measure of every challenge in its path as it made its way through ice and snow towards the volcano’s fiery heart.

With the world’s most advanced aircraft rendered powerless by the ash-filled atmosphere, it’s Hilux that once again has proved itself the master of everything man and nature can put in its path.

New Zealand’s iconic Hilux sales remain strong having led the light truck segment for the last 28 years.

Media Release 22 April 2010 from Toyota New Zealand.



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