Action Home Inspections Launch Meth Testing Service

( Meth testing, or P Lab testing of homes has become a contentious issue over the past few months.

With New Zealand having the highest rate of meth users in the world (per head of population), a large number of meth decontamination companies have opened for business.

Operating in an unregulated environment, they have been allowed to run rampant, with some insisting on high cost clean ups for properties which are in fact safe to inhabit.

In an expose by television programme Fair Go it was discovered that properties which were being deemed “uninhabitable” due to meth contamination actually had lower traces of methamphetamine than what is found on a high percentage of New Zealand bank notes.

Seeing the need for independent meth testing, separated from remediation projects, Auckland home inspection company, Action Home Inspection has launched their own meth testing service.

“There is a lot of distrust between the public and meth testing companies”, comments Ryan Collins, Director of Action Home Inspections.

“We felt the need to offer a meth testing service which is completely independent of clean-up companies. A testing service whereby we have nothing to gain from the outcome”.

New guidelines for meth testing are currently being drafted by the Ministry of Health, these will set a standard which will define what levels of building contamination are acceptable for occupation.

However, these will not be made available until March 2017. In the meantime, Collins urges new and prospective home buyers to select inspection companies that play no part in the clean-up process.

“Until these new guidelines come in, the only way that you can truly know that you are getting a fair deal is by selecting an independent tester”.

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